JDJ Maximo A18 P -- M841630
Sire: LT Ledger 0332P
Dam: JDJ Ms Truemark Y332



Cooley Royce 1107T39 --M745957
Sire: Schurrtop HCR Rancher

Dam: MS Cooley S Duke


Hi Def--EM756832
Sire:LHD Cigar E46
Smoothdeal E534

HF Dr Love BT53 -- M859049
Sire: Cooley Royce 1107 T39
Dam: HF Cricket T53G

RE Fair Play 401 ET -- EM842025
Sire: JDJ Equity Z370 P
Dam: Ms May Classic Bell 158ET


M6 Full Speed 109 P -- M801676
Sire: M6 New Standard
Dam: PJ Windy 709P


WhiteCap Laredo


ABC Leader L165--M635129
Sire: ABC London
Dam: ABC Macana


Laredo DD HF Franchise ZT02 --M830942
Sire: Cooley Royce 1107 T39
Dam: HF White Chocolate T02 ET


HF Fandango B34ET — EM889223
Sire: VCR Sir Duke 914 PLD
Dam: RE Ms Duke 34 ET


HF Remedy EX433 — M892847
Sire: Cooley Royce 1107T39
Dam: HF Ms Duke XJ433


DC/JDJ Pegasus D3330 P — M905348
Sire: BHD Zeus X3041
Dam: LHD Ms Wireless Z1425

LJC Javelin MO8 -- 829424
Red Angus
Sire: Beckton Lancer
: LJC Logan E56 945


Red Zone -- 1313562
Red Angus
Sire:LJC Javelin MO8
Dam: Maid M

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